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I ordered an Oura ring on the 23rd of August this year. Everything went well and the sizing kit came on time and I was excited to receive my product.

After trying to change my shipping address they put the order on hold and has not been able to respond to any of my several customer support request since. (I even said that I can move forward with original shipping address)

It is now the 6th of December, I have 3+ open CS tickets with Oura (had to re-open 2 of them since they closed ticket without resolving it)

A super poor customer experience for what would otherwise be a really cool product that I was excited to get for my birthday (4th of September).

Preferred solution: Apology, upgrade to Gen3 + free member subscription..

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I too am having issues I bought a second, updated ring and tried on the ring set and then same thing happened as with my 1st ring. Too big.

Now, when I try to send it back to exchange it and 5 customer service emails- I can’t resolve it because they say my order number is wrong. It’s been 2 months Now, I use want my money back.

@Cypress Kxb

Same here. Ordered the updated 3 version- needed to change size.

Sent 12 customer service tickets. Talked to 2 actual people (1st person we got disconnected or they hung up and 2nd person said she would call me back and never did). And can not get it resolved. We are going on 6 weeks.

Now I can’t find the phone number I used to call and they don’t have it on their website. One of the worst experiences I have had with a company

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